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Partner Resources

Below is the beginning of a collection of tools to make the JMG efforts in your county easier and more impactful. If you would like to contribute a resource that would be helpful to other county offices or if you want to request a resource be made available on this page, please let us know:

Workshop Kits:

Levels 1 & 2 General Overview Training Workshop

2014-JMG-Texas-Overview-Teacher-Training (powerpoint)
2014-JMG-Texas-Standard-Overview-Powerpoint-SCRIPT (doc)
2014 JMG Overview for Teacher Leader Training Sample Agenda (doc)

Level 2 Training Workshop

Level 2 Operation W.A.T.E.REmphasis (powerpoint)
Level 2 Operation W.A.T.E.REmphasis script (doc)
Level 2 Operation W.A.T.E.REmphasis Sample Agenda (doc)
Level 2 Operation W.A.T.E.REmphasis Activity Talking Points (PDF)

Printable JMG/AgriLife Profession Development Certificate for Teachers Showing SBEC hours (doc)



Half Pager Front  (pdf) Half Pager Back  (pdf)

National Science Teacher Association Article:

NSTA Web School Gardens Grow Science Achievement

PDF Handout of Article

Sample Parent/Volunteer Solicitation Letter (doc)

form of letter teachers send to parents introducing participation in the JMG program and soliciting participation from from parents.

Program Recognition and Resource

JMG Green Thumb Award (double certificates w text boxes) (doc) informal recognition certificates for teachers/leaders seeking recognition for youths not yet earning certification

Download JMG Mascots and Logos Link to art to be used for flyers, letters, proposals, and teacher worksheets./Lead

JMG Curricula Correlations to the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills

JMG Level One Teacher/Leader Guide – TEKS (Grades 3 – 5)
JMG Level One Literature in the Garden – TEKS (Grades 3 – 5)
JMG Level One Wildlife Gardener – TEKS (Grades 3 – 5)
JMG Level One Health and Nutrition Science (3rd)
JMG Level One Health and Nutrition Science (4th)
JMG Level One Health and Nutrition Science (5th)
JMG Level Two Operation Thistle Seeds of Despair (6th)
JMG Level Two Operation Thistle Seeds of Despair (7th)
JMG Level Two Operation Thistle Seeds of Despair (8th)
JMG Level Two Operation WATER Soils and Water (8th)

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2014 JMG Specialists

Curricula Handout PDF Library for Use with Teacher Training Workshops

JMG Level One

Learn, Grow, Eat & Go!

Know & Show Sombrero (pg. 2)

JMG Teacher/Leader Guide

sombrero handout (pg. 4)
plant parts rap (pg. 8)
grow cards (pg. 63)
suck a bug (pg. 87)
how tall is that tree (pg. 127)
paper towel gardening (pg. 165)
secret smells handout(pg. 79)
gas gobblers(pg. 18)
insect riddles (pg. 76)
plant people handout(pg. 12)

Literature from the Garden

monster_flowers (pg. 23)
growing clean air neck pet (pg. 40)

Wildlife Gardener

far out feeder (pg. 55)

JMG Level Two

Operation Thistle (Plant Growth & Development)

Indoor Botanical Garden of Art (pg. 20)

Operation W.A.T.E.R. (Soils & Water)

Read the Roots (pg. 120)

Sample Agendas for JMG Camps, Classes and Special Uses of JMG

Junior Master Gardener Level Two 2013 Fall Syllabus at St. Mary’s School
A planning schedule and notes for a semester long course utilizing the Level JMG Teacher Guide and both Level Two teacher guides

Summer Bush Library JMG Camp Day Schedule
An internal agenda of the 6 hour JMG day camp session.

“Dirty Worms” Day Camp
An internal agenda of the 5 day/3 hour per day JMG day camp

JMG Fast Track
A listing of the most brief lessons by chapter in the JMG Level One curriculum

For Master Gardeners Earning JMG Specialist Certification

2014 JMG Specialist Certification Documentation