An Advantageous Agriworld

The Smith County Master gardeners had a display at the East Texas State Fair, called Agriworld 2014. This year, they concentrated on several areas including: water conservation, pollinators, the Smith County Master Gardener Program, and the Junior Master Gardener Program. Check out some photos from their JMG exhibit! What a simple, but interactive way to promote gardening, nutrition and education to youth in your area!

A complete view of the exhibit.
Featuring the activities, ‘Plant People’ and ‘Plant Pots’ on the right side wall.
Featuring ‘Far Out Feeders’ in the corner.
An interactive display for kids to play a JMG game.
An interactive display for kids to play a JMG game.
Featuring ‘Know and Show’ Sombreros and ‘Monster Flowers’ on the left wall.

If you are interested in JMG and live in the Tyler area, contact your local master gardeners to find out more information!

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