Start a JMG® class or group in your area

1. Identify a JMG Leader/Teacher

This can be a classroom teacher, home school parent, youth leader, or anyone interested in working with youth. The JMG leader does NOT have to be a Master Gardener. If a JMG leader needs garden resources and information they can contact their local county Extension service for gardening support.

2. Identify a group of youth

This may be a classroom, school group, 4-H club, home school group, or an after-school program. The program is flexible and can be offered to many different groups and in many different environments. A JMG group must have minimum of FIVE youths.

3. Obtain the JMG curriculum

Depending on the grade level of students and area of interest, there are many options! To read more about each JMG curricula, click here.

4. Register your class for free

Register your group online for free here.

5. Dig In and Get Growing!

Get ready for the first day with an engaging, hands on lesson from one of the JMG curriculum options.

If you are on Facebook share with us about your class’s experience with us on their first JMG lessons. Get ready – we will periodically give away copies of our favorite books from the JMG Garden Library to teachers sharing quick photos and experiences on social media.