The success of the JMG program relies upon the JMG Teacher/Leader. Below are resources that will prepare teachers & leaders to successfully engage students in this novel program.

Curricular Resources

Level One (elementary grades) resources for

JMG Teacher Guide & Youth Handbook

Health & Nutrition from the Garden

Literature in the Garden

Wildlife Gardener

Research Feature: Science Achievement

Level Two (middle school/junior high) resources for

Operation Thistle

Operation Water

Correlations to teaching standards

Teaching Standards State-by-State

Service, Recognition & Certification

Service learning projects/features

JMG Habitat Home Kitchen Garden project

Certifications & recognition for students

Certification Options
Medal Placement Cards

JMG Level One Chapter Checklists

Core Curricula – Teacher Guide and Youth Handbook

JMG Level Two Checklists

Operation Thistle (Plant Growth & Development)Operation WATER (Soils & Water)


Program Information

Get access to flyers, banners and JMG Garden Gear

JMG Marketing Resources