Make Plans Now to Grow Science Achievement this Spring

Earning a Junior Master Gardener® in Certification in Plant Growth & Development is achieved by completing any 12 lessons from the JMG® Plant Growth and Development chapter. But there are so many activities to choose from!  Want to know the top 12 lessons rated as favorites by classes across the country?

“Research shows that students utilizing JMG curriculum show an increase in science achievement test scores,” says JMG Curriculum Coordinator, Randy Seagraves. “Having your students work towards a recognition/certification is a motivating way to build relevant, meaningful and high-interest learning activities around ‘bite-sized’ modules or themes. Usually the first certification options classes try is the Plant Growth & Development certification. It consists of three steps. Students will complete 12 lessons from the given chapter/theme and a 13th activity from the Life Skills and Career Exploration chapter. The last step is an age-appropriate service learning project and we make some suggestions of what classes might choose to do.”

For students to earn, and be recognized, with a Plant Growth & Development certification, lead them to complete the learning experiences below in these three steps.

And, it all begins with the TOP 12 Favorite Lessons from Chapter 1 – Plant Growth & Development:

A. Complete 12 activities from the chapter

Hamburger Plant (pg. 3)
P.L.A.N.T. Needs (pg.11)
Know and Show Sombrero (pg. 4)
Oxygen Factory (pg. 17)
Gas Gobblers (pg. 18)
Plant People (pg.12)
Paper Pots (pg. 20)
Leaf-and-Seed-Sort (pg. 7)
Plant Parts We Eat (pg. 9)
Plant Parts Rap (pg. 8)
Propagation Demonstration (p.21)
Gallon Greenhouse (p.21)

B. Complete 1 Life Skills/Career Exploration activity

Plant a Seed (pg. 199)

C. Complete 1 Service Learning Experience

Options: Gifts for Others or Share What You Know (pg. 23)