Want to join us for the dissection activity and take the plant part sorting challenge?

Even though we can eat ALL parts of a plant from different plants, we may not be able to eat ALL parts of the SAME plant. Check this out to see which parts we eat from your favorite garden plants.

Get ready for our activity today by watching the read aloud if the award-winning book, Tops & Bottoms and gather these supplies:

  • A print out of the PLANT PARTS WE EAT CHART
  • And a blank sheet or PAPER (like printer paper or construction paper).

1) Listen to the JMG read-aloud of the Tops & Bottoms book.

2) Take sorting challenge by printing, then cutting & classifying parts in the correct spost on the PLANT PARTS WE EAT CHART.

3) Watch part-sorting answers here to check your work!