2024 JMG NLT Door Prize Winners!

At the end of each session, we’ll randomly pick on of the attendees in the room as the door prize for that session.  Those winning attendees will be announced during the session and also posted here! Check back through the conference to see each session’s winner.

DAY 1 Door Prize Winners:

Keynote: Plants Always Win, Telling Kids the Story of Our Leafy Friends
Frances Dernbach, Washington (Plants to the Rescue book)

Keynote: Bikes, Butterflies, and Learning through Adventure
Grace Bolwek,Wisconsin (Bikes, Butterflies, and Learning through Adventure book)

DAY 2 Door Prize Winners:

Grow Session A

The Importance of Family Mealtime
Alyssa Sims (Dinner Tonight Recipe Book)

JMG Curriculum HANDS ON Teacher Guide/Handbook
Victoria Stansell (Junior Master Gardener Curriculum)

A Garden for Every Child
Lindsay Breuing (Junior Master Gardener Item)

Seed to Plate Nutrition
Mary Willis (Recipe for Success)


Grow Session B

JMG Curriculum HANDS ON Learn, Grow, Eat & GO
Steven Ogden (JMG LGEG Curriculum)

20 years of Integrating JMG and Mental Wellness
Robin Tragus (Literature in the Garden curriculum)

Implementing Learn, Grow, Eat and Go within the school system
Elizabeth Villareal (Pocket Hose)

Community Restoration: Urban/Ag Empowerment for the Youth and Elderly
Hope Staton (JMG Garden Gear T-Shirt)

Grow Session C

JMG Curriculum HANDS ON Early Childhood Learn, Grow, Eat & GO
Francine Erickson ( Early Childhood LGEG)

Coming to our Senses: Fun & Easy Ways to Use Gardens
Lynn Betts (Nature-based Allied Health) 

Celebrating Culture in the Garden
Mary Cissell (KidsGardening Smart Pot and Seeds)

Demystifying High Impact Proposal Writing
Leeoria Willis (Power Bank Charger)

Grow Session D

JMG Curriculum HANDS ON Wildlife Gardener/Literature in the Garden
Renee Kofman (Literature in the Garden curriculum)

Growing a Healthy Gardening and Nutrition Education Program on SNAP-Ed Funds
Tina M Smock (BLT Cookbook & Calendar)

Effectively Recruiting & Supporting Volunteers to Grow Sustainable Programs
Samantha Fomera (Butterfly Gardening for Texas)

Harmonizing Growth: Collaborative Implementation of the Early Childhood Learn, Grow, Eat & Go Curriculum
David Schneider (Vegetable Grow Bags)

Grow Session E

HANDS ON Operation Thistle & Operation W.A.T.E.R.
Richard Derbyshire (Operation Thistle curriculum)

Growing Garden Leaders through a JMG Certification Program
Alison Kindler (Fox Farm Liquid Nutrients)

Let’s Grow!… A Sustainable Culture of Health in Your School
Chris Bryant (Burpee SuperSeed seed starter tray)

Sow, Grow, and Munch: Cultivating Health in Early Childhood
Stephanie Potts (EC LGEG Curriculum)



Jessica Wright (Learn, Grow, Eat & GO Starter Kit, $245 value)