Bug Suckers & More Insect Fun!

Thank you for visiting our site to learn more about exploring the garden and discovering insects with your junior gardener! Follow the link for printable instructions on making your very own bug sucker! 

To buy a kit with all the supplies you will need to make your Bug Sucker, click the “Buy Bug Sucker” link below! (Kit makes 25 Bug Suckers)
When searching for bugs to collect, be sure to really explore the garden! You may have to look on leaves, under leaves, and even in the soil or dirt to find insects. Bugs are very tiny, so you will have to look very closely! Here’s some insects you can look for and how they may be hiding…
For more insect resources and activities to discover with your junior gardener, visit the chapter about insects in our JMG Teacher & Leader Guide!
For activities your junior gardener can do on their own, visit our Kids Zone!
For more activities and information on exploring the garden with your junior, we have books for teachers & leaders, as well as a wide variety of books for junior gardeners to read themselves! 
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