Operation Water – Leader Resources

Operation Water: Dr Thistle Goes Underground 

Leader Resources

Leader Resources

2,000,000 Tons – Power of a Single Drop Video

Dirt Castles – US Wind Erosion

Sticky Stakes, Splashing Tubes, Runoff Tiles – Wind Erosion Multimedia Archive

Leader Resources

Water Cycle Museum – How many baths in a rainstorm? What is your average rainfall?

Sweat Plants – Transpiration Information

Drinkable Ocean Water – Make Solar Still

Leader Resources

Leader Resources

Water Wicking – Capillary Action Explained

Percolation Race – Soil Percolation Experiment

Read the Roots – Watering & Root Growth Graphic

Leader Resources

Soaking Soil Cylinders – Absorption Patterns

Mulch Moisture Master – More on Mulches

Root Zone Water Police – Watering Tips – Slide 8

Soils & Water Certification

Youth can earn certification as a Junior Master Gardener in Level 2 – Soils & Water by completing these minimum requirements:

  • Belong to a registered JMG group.
  • Complete 1 group activity for each of the eight learning concepts.
  • Complete 1 independent activity for each of the eight learning concepts.
  • Complete 1 activity from the Life Skills and Career Exploration section of this curriculum.
  • Complete 1 service learning/leadership development project.

Once the certificate requirements are completed, simply return the JMG completion form to our address below. Our office will send a personalized certificate for each student completing the certification requirements. National Junior Master Gardener Program 225 Horticulture/Forestry Building Texas A&M University, MS2134 College Station, Texas 77843-2134 Phone: 979-845-8565 Fax: 979-845-8906