Implementing the Early Childhood Learn, Grow, Eat & Go Curriculum Course

This new, self-directed, engaging & FUN training course will equip you to successfully teach the garden, nutrition and science-based Early Childhood Learn, Grow, Eat & Go (EC LGEG) curriculum in your classroom. This course will overview this popular school garden, nutrition and physical activity unit specifically developed for students in pre-K through kindergarten.

teacher book1As a complement or preview to the Early Childhood Learn, Grow, Eat & Go (EC LGEG) curriculum, this teacher-friendly course will prepare you to successfully lead the lessons, activities and amazing teacher resources supporting the EC LGEG curriculum.

A.    If you are a preschool, Head Start, kindergarten teacher, or any other Early Childhood Educator (ECE), you will love this fun, video-based course that will help you to be very familiar with Early Childhood Learn, Grow, Eat and Go and see this curriculum in action!

B.    You will be introduced to the EC LGEG daily lessons with weekly resources and then get to click on four featured lessons/activities each week to see the curriculum being taught to real classrooms of 4 and 5-year-olds.

C.   You will also be shown the simple steps to access the easy-to-use resources to help you engage parents and help families support learning at home.

See the sample clip from an in-classroom lesson, screenshot of the curriculum overview,  along with thriving garden tips & teacher resources pages below:

See course screen shots below:

This course will complement the Early Childhood Learn, Grow, Eat and Go curriculum to:

  • Empower early childhood teachers to become very familiar with Early Childhood Learn, Grow, Eat and Go by seeing the curriculum in action in a preschool classroom of 4 and 5-year-old students.
  • Equip early childhood teachers to effectively implement lessons, activities, and dynamic curriculum resources.
  • Engage parents and families to be a part of this garden-based unit and maximize benefits to students with learning that is carried over into the home.
A JMG Professional Development Certificate documenting completion of 2 hours of training would be available at the conclusion of the course.

(This course aligns with the TECPDS  Core Competency 3.2 Curriculum and Standards. If you select the TECPDS option at enrollment and have an account with Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System, certificates earned in this course will be automatically transferred to the TECPDS registry upon course completion.)