Far Out Feeders Gallery

Far Out Feeders Gallery

Just like some people like to eat in a kitchen, others prefer a more formal dining room setting. Birds also have preferences about where and how they eat.

If you have a bird feeder, you might know that certain feeders attract certain types of birds. Some like to eat from a feeder hanging from a tree. Some like to eat from feeders attached to tree trunks. And, some birds like to eat from flat surfaces close to the ground.

Now, let’s get creative about how we can feed our feathered friends!

Can you make a bird feeder out of some unusual or recycled items? How about using a bottle and coat hangers to make a feeder for humming birds?

Check Out These Feeders!

Bottle & Coat Hanger Feeder
© Junior Master Gardener

Do you have a Far Out Feeder idea? We Can’t Wait To See It!

Create your Far Out Feeder and then take a picture and send it to the address below or email it to programinfo@jmgkids.us.

Junior Master Gardener
Far Out Feeders
225 Horticulture/Forestry Bldg.
2134 Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2134

All submissions must include:

  • Name and age of the child submitting
  • City and email address and a picture of your container
  • How you decided to make the feeder and how well it’s working.

Beginning later this spring images of selected entries will be placed on the Far Out Feeder Gallery on this website along with the first name, age, and city of the child submitting it.

NOTE: All submissions will become property of Junior Master Gardener.