If you are faculty/staff of Cooperative Extension in your state, there are resources being developed to support for your implementation of the new JMG Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! curriculum project.

In an academically-rich and integrated way, this new curriculum project of the Junior Master Gardener® program will guide teachers & students in your community to a better understanding of plants and garden science. Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! can motivate youths to a better appreciation for nutrient-dense foods and increased physical activity.  
The initial set of resources listed below were developed for use by Extension faculty/staff in Texas. You are encouraged to adapt these tools for use with your your state. As you create new resources specific to you state, we ask that you share them back with We will post and share with others to create a growing body of resources to support local programming efforts. Additional resources are currently being developed and will be posted here!

  Your LGEG Marketing Materials:

 >>> NEW Evaluation Protocol for AgriLife Employees

AgriLife Faculty & Staff: To access the surveys follow the steps below

A. Log into the BLT system https://howdyhealth.tamu.edu/blt*

B. Click the LGEG button

C. Click the Series button

1) If the series profile already exists, click the series name and scroll to the bottom to print survey forms.
2) If the series profile does NOT exist, click the Add Series button at the top and create the series profile. ONCE THE SERIES PROFILE IS SAVED, PDF survey forms can be printed.
*If you are an AgriLife employee and do not have account access, you can click Request a BLT Account under the login at this web page.