Soothing Aloe Jelly

How to Make a Soothing Aloe Jelly

Many believe that the best way to provide relief to a minor burn is to break off a leaf of an Aloe Vera and apply the gel inside the leaf directly to the burn.

Follow the recipe below to create a soothing lotion that can ease a minor scrape or soothe sunburned skin.

Step 1

Break off a large leaf and use a butter knife to split the leaf down the middle.

Step 2

Scrape the sticky gel of the aloe into a small container.

Step 3

Add lotion that you typically use to the aloe gel and mix together thoroughly.

Keep the soothing aloe jelly in the refrigerator. Next time a friend or someone in your family has a minor scrape, burn or even dry skin, apply your Soothing Aloe Jelly directly to the skin to ease the pain.