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JMG Level 2 – Operation Thistle: Seeds of Despair

This module allows students (grades 6-8) to participate in novel, hands-on activities focusing on Plant Growth and Development.

JMG Level Two combines Teacher/Leader Guide and reproducible pages of independent student “handbook” activities into a single book. This premier program encourages youths to take part in group learning experiences and service projects in their community.

Beware of the Thistle!

Join the JPI Team in an urgent mission to defeat the evil Dr. Thistle! Students will work as a group to complete lessons in each of learning concepts in the guide then work independently to complete activities which are found within the mission briefs and mission option pages. By completing these missions, student can help foil the twisted plans of Thistle and his menacing gang while reinforcing concepts learned in the group setting.

Curriculum Resources:

Importance and Uses of Plants

Youth Resources

Mission 1 Web Option
JMG Resource Online
  • Interview a Grower (Coming soon!)

Leader Resources

Plant Classification

Youth Resources

Mission 2 Web Option
Plant Parts

Youth Resources

Mission 3 Web Option
Plant Needs

Youth Resources

Mission 4 Web Option
Plant Processes

Youth Resources

Mission 5 Web Option
  • Chlorophyll Chromatography (Currently Being Developed. Stay tuned!)
Plant Growth

Youth Resources

Mission 6 Web Option

Leader Resources

Seed Propagation

Youth Resources

Mission 6 Web Option
Vegetative Propagation

Youth Resources

Mission 8 Web Option

Leader Resources

Six Week Propagation Production Venture

Plant Growth & Development Certification

Youth can earn certification as a Junior Master Gardener in Level 2 – Plant Growth and Development by completing these minimum requirements:

  • Belong to a registered JMG group.
  • Complete 1 group activity for each of the eight learning concepts.
  • Complete 1 independent activity for each of the eight learning concepts.
  • Complete 1 activity from the Life Skills and Career Exploration section of this curriculum.
  • Complete 1 service learning/leadership development project.
After you register your group and complete the certificate requirements you can print pre-filled, personalized certificates for each student at: https://jmg.4honline.com

If you need assistance, please contact us at:
Email: programinfo@jmgkids.us
Phone: 979-845-8565

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