Gardening with Kids in the Brazos Valley

Looking for way to involves your kids in gardening projects? Take a look at these tips suggestions and fun ideas?

Combine color and creativity for this unusual and fun Mother’s Day project!

Make Your Mom a Potato Vase for Mother’s Day

Print your Color Wheel page to help you arrange your beautiful potato vase to give your mom on Mother’s Day!

Spring 2023 Features

Get your kids involved in spring & summer gardening planning!

1. Let your students help decide when & what to plant.

Print your Brazos County Planting Chart. Make plans ahead of time to plant your seeds and transplants as their window of time comes up on the planting chart.

2. Bring color and creativity into the garden your kids add their own Garden Graffiti to label the nutrient dense crops that are growing.

Print your kids JMG Veggie Research Data table of nutrient-dense veggies. This is the table that tells your kids lots of interesting details about the vegetable they might want to plant. They can use this info to help the add the name of the veggie, the nutrient that it is really high in, and what benefit they can get from eating it!

If you are interested in seeing more about making the JMG Garden Graffiti label, nutrient and benefit markers, see the JMG Garden Graffiti Lesson (from the JMG Learn, Grow, Eat & GO curriculum).