JMG Garden Wall Map

Planning for the Greener Days in Your School Garden

During the coldest time of year, you may believe that school garden projects have to be paused until the weather warms again. But right now is an ideal time for students to begin creating a vision and planning for the greener days ahead by making a JMG Garden Wall Map!

If you don’t already have it, set a time for your students to find the perimeter measurements of the garden area they’ll be able to work later in the spring. Then, as a group, your class can come to consensus of what type garden (for example: a vegetable, habitat, cut flower garden). Once that is decided, you can begin to have students list what elements are already there (tree, large rock, fence) and brainstorm what elements could be added to the garden (plants, a bench, large containers). Continue this lesson idea adapted from the A La Garden lesson found in the JMG Wildlife Gardener curriculum by clicking the open lesson button below!

The A La Carte Garden lesson appears in the Wildlife Gardener curriculum. For more info, go to:

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