Virtual Courses

Virtual Learn, Grow, Eat Go!
Course for Elementary Students

This new engaging, video-based course for students learning at a distance serves as a flexible, multimedia option for the Learn, Grow, Eat & Go curriculum (10 weeks/2 lessons per week).

Each weekly module is made up of 2 classes:

  • Class Lesson A
    includes 1st interactive lesson of the week
    and a brief Sharpening Science bonus video that provides some interesting, helpful garden science and food science background info.

  • Class Lesson B
    includes the 2nd interactive lesson of the week
    –  a featured GROW or EAT or GO Strong Challenge video

Your student’s needed supplies for the interactive & hands-on are listed week-by-week at the Virtual LGEG student home page


Students learning at a distance can enroll and join the 10 week virtual class either:

teacher book1

1. with the direction of their classroom teacher
2. or with support of a parent at home.

See course screen shots below: