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Teacher Resources for Week 1: Plant Needs & Plant Parts

Teacher Resources for Week 2: Seeds & Roots

week 2 overview:

Supplies (pdf)
Literature connections

See our favorite fan read aloud videos to learn more about any of this weeks featured books!
– Tiny Seed (by Eric Carle)
– From Seed to Plant (by Gail Gibbons)
– The Carrot Seed (by Ruth Krauss)
– What Will Grow (by Jennifer Ward)


See a Head Start class perform this week’s featured song from the lyrics on p. ##:
Sample Roots Are Growing in the Ground song class practice


Parent Engagement & Teacher Resources
Week 2 Learn with Me at Home Activity (pdf)
English     Spanish 
Week 2 Garden Family News templates (Google doc)
English template       Spanish template

Bonus Lesson Resources

Activity: Seed Mosaic, p. 55
Seed Sort Mat (PDF)

Teacher Resources for Week 3: Stems & Leaves

week 3 overview:

Supplies (PDF)

Parent Engagement & Teacher Resources

Week 3 Learn with Me at Home Activity (pdf)
English  Spanish
Week 3 Garden Family News templates (Google doc)
English template  Spanish template

Lesson Resources

Lesson: STEM Investigation, p. 75
Edible, Not Edible Cards (pdf)

Teacher Resources for Week 4: Flowers & Fruit

alignment and standards-based curriculum

See the growing set of alignments/correlations currently available. (Others in progress & will be posted here!)

National Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF)
Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines Crosswalk
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Kindergarten
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