A State of Tranquility


Nature has a beautiful ability to stimulate peace in those who surround themselves in it. Most know that they love being outside, but they do not understand the depth of why. There is a psychological response to nature. We all have a need to connect with nature.

Although wonderful, one may not have a large backyard, park, or pasture near his/her home. However, that does not mean that individual cannot have any benefits from nature. Nature can be incorporated into our growing urban lifestyles, easily.

Here are a few of ways one can incorporate this natural peace into daily urban life:

1. Place indoor potting plants into their office or classroom.

2. Take breaks to walk and be outside in nature.

3. Have windows that view the life outside.

4. Incorporate predominantly outdoor colors into your surroundings: greens, blues, browns.

5. Incorporate wildlife sounds into your surroundings: water trickling, wind, birds, waves

6. Have natural aromas surround you: flowers, wet grass.

Today is National Peace Day, so use some of these techniques and see where nature takes you!

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