Citrus Trees in Bloom

Do you love citrus fruit? At JMG, we do too!  The trees in the Texas A&M Leach Teaching Gardens are in full bloom, and the sweet, clean aroma fills the air.

We’ve shared a few photos below so you can see the growth for yourselves!

Check out the pollinator in the first picture.  Bees are very important, as they distribute pollen in their search for nectar.

In the third picture, find the pistil, and see how the tiny orange fruit, called an ovary, is growing inside the flower.  If you want to check your knowledge of flowers, visit the Illinois Extension website, and refer back to these pictures for practice identifying parts of the citrus flower!

Citrus fruits provide lots of nutrients, such as Vitamin C, which helps support a healthy immune system.

The next time you visit the grocery store or garden, be on the lookout for this super fruit!

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