We love this idea that was shared by and posted on behalf of the Fort Bend County Master Gardeners from this year’s garden-based Kids Kamp:

Drip Paint Flower Pots*

These were done by children aged 8-12 years. The pots were primed, inside and out and
the children chose three colors. After they were completely dry, they were sprayed with a few
coats of polyurethane. These pots were used as a Community Service activity and were
assembled as decorative desk holders with supplies included. The completed projects were
delivered to homebound, Meals on Wheels recipients.


NOTE: We have used the decorative pot project with younger children, using dobbers. When
using these for planters we do not prime the inside of the pots.


Completed pots were decorated with coffee filter flowers, another of the children’s Art

We had a very successful, tenth year celebration this year, using our favorite craft projects and activities. We had a record number of children signing up for Kids Kamp 2018.



Ginny Grant
Fort Bend County Master Gardeners
Youth Activities Director


See more at thread from Aug 7, 2018 FB posting: www.facebook.com/juniormastergardener


*We found the idea at www.instructables.com (search: Drip Paint Flower Pots) and we modified
it to meet our needs.


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