Egg Carton Creatures

photo 4 (3)

Not everyone has the time or funding to plan out really extensive lesson plans. These egg carton creatures are a great way to save money and time, for volunteers or teachers that need a quick lesson. They can be used for celebrating holidays, demonstrating the importance of recycling, or for lessons about different insects.


1 egg carton (not plastic)

assorted colors of paint

feathers, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, ribbon (optional)

We made a spider, a turkey, a bat, and a lady bug out of a 1/2 dozen carton.

photo 1 (2)







photo 2 (2)









photo 3 (1)







photo 5 (1)







photo 4 (3)








Simple, affordable, educational, and fun. Those are the kinds of crafts we love!

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