Going Full Circle

Howdy everyone,

I am so excited to announce that my JMG instructor from 4th grade, Mr. Cain will be doing some blogging for the JMG website! Not only does he sing and play guitar, he has a green thumb and a taste for art! He recently retired after spending many years as a teacher so I cannot wait to see what kind of projects and ideas he has to share with the JMG community from all those years.

I recently had the privilege of recording Mr. Cain singing an awesome Garden Song at his last sing-a-long. I was great to take part in something I used to do as a kid and I am looking forward to collaborating with him to bring JMG some great things!

Here is a look at part of the Garden Song he sung a few weeks ago!

Mr. Cain has already posted one blog with us, check it out to learn more about him and stay tuned for some really great stuff!

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