I Spy A Butterfly!


With the monarch population at a record low, you can help track monarch butterflies as they migrate by reporting your sightings of them! Check out where monarch’s have been spotted on the interactive map link featured at the bottom of this page.

A little more about monarch butterflies…

– Monarchs can only lay one egg at a time, but may lay many in a single day.

– Their caterpillars eat milkweed. They use a combination of visual and chemical cues to find milkweed. Once they land on a plant, they use sensory organs on their feet and heads to ensure the plant is milkweed.

– Larvae (caterpillars) can range from 1 – 5 centimeters long.

– Only male monarchs have a big black spot on their wings.

– Wings are thin, but they don’t wear out because they are very strong. Some butterflies can miss over half their wing, but still fly.

More resources at: http://www.learner.org/jnorth/search/Monarch.html

Monarch Butterfly Migration Map


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  • Monarch butterflies are so beautiful! They’re also a very important for eco system they live in as pollinators. We should protect them and help increasing the monarch population, or at least not to disturb or interfere their reproduction and life cycle. Greets!


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