Presidential Inauguration Day

Presidential Inauguration Day

It’s a well-known fact that United States Presidents support and encourage healthy eating across the country. One way many presidents showed their support was through gardens at the White House.

While this president is very popular, it is not common knowledge that George Washington’s property was home to multiple gardens. When George Washington lived at Mount Vernon, he recorded in some of his letters that there were not only kitchen gardens, but flower gardens too, along with others.

Another powerful president that is still looked upon as influential was Thomas Jefferson. Similarly to Washington, Jefferson kept gardens at his home, Monticello. He maintained gardening diaries and still holds a large legacy relating to gardening and food.

Woodrow Wilson however, made an impact on the entire country not through gardening, but by protecting the United States largest nature preserves. He signed legislation to create the national park services. Today, these parks are still a huge part of our country’s history.

Building off of Wilson, Theodor Roosevelt added and signed legislation that established five national parks just within 8 years. To this day, Roosevelt is called the “conservative president” and is remembered for his service to the National Parks system.

Jimmy Carter’s reasoning for caring about food and health was more close to home than for most presidents. Carter grew up on a peanut farm which grew to symbolize him throughout the presidential race and campaign.

Most recently, Barack and Michelle Obama are well known for their contribution to the White House Garden, emphasizing healthy living and eating. Michelle specifically encourages and supports healthy eating in public schools, as well as in the home.

Each of these presidents have contributed in big ways to the preservation, conservation and awareness of healthy living and a healthy country

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