Printing Certificates 101

The end of the school year is here, and it’s time to print certificates for your kiddos!

Waiting on people can be a hassle, especially when you have a deadline to hand out your certificates.  Lucky for you, there is an easy way to get your certificates printed out INSTANTANEOUSLY!

Below is a step-by-step explanation of how to print your certificates ON DEMAND!

Log into your 4honline account. *Hint* go to and click enroll, it will bring you to the 4honline log in page. Once you log in, (If you are active) your page will look like this one below. Final step 1 copyAfter successfully logging in, click on the completion tab.  Once you are in the completion tab, you need to select the group you are wanting to print certificates for.  After selecting the group you want, you can select the students you want to reward a certificate to by checking or unchecking the box next to their name. Below is what your screen will look like. I have selected all my students in the “Growing Gardeners” group.
Step 2 Other copy copyAfter selecting which group, and which students you want to award, be sure to select the certificate type you are wanting. I selected level 1. 
Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 12.56.59 PMOnce you click “Print Certificates” a pdf of the certificate(s) you requested will either pop up, or be waiting in a downloads tab depending on the type of computer you are using. The certificate below is and example for the Learn, Grow, Eat & Go curricula.  

Step 4 Receiving certificates is exciting for your kiddos!  We want you to enjoy this excitement as well, so we have tried to make printing these as easy as possible.  Feel free to call us at (979)-845-8565 or email us at if you run into any issues while printing out your certificates!

Thanks for all you do!

Happy Printing!

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