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Spotlight: Squash

Samantha Korzekwa, JMG student worker, shares her connection with the fabulous fall squash growing up and in the kitchen. Being the first week of fall, be inspired to consume more squash on a daily basis!



Growing up my grandpa always had vegetables in his garden, squash being one of them. I obviously was introduced to squash at an early age and since then I have found several ways to cook it and enjoy this yummy vegetable. Now that my grandpa doesn’t have squash anymore I am on my own to find it, but every time I take a bite of squash not only does it taste delicious but I am overwhelmed with amazing childhood memories.

Squash Nutritional Content

Vitamin A

– maintain healthy skin, teeth, and skin

–  promotes healthy eyes

Vitamin C

  • Promotes healing
  • Helps to fight the common cold


  • Helps our body make new cells

Vitamin E

  • Fights to keep our body healthy
  • Works with our metabolism


  • Changes our carbs into energy so we can keep on going
  • Provides body food for our brain and nervous system


  • Keeps our cells clean by riding out all the waste we have
  • Helps our nerves and muscles communicate


  • Used to aid our weak bones as we get older

Eat all the squash you can! It is full of good things and taste incredibly. You can bake, grill, fry, stir-fry, and do just about anything with squash! So go pick up some squash and plan your meal. Eat up!!



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