Trash to Treasure

Trash to Treasure


As a part of #jmgrecycles month, we have been getting creative to come up with projects that reuses items from your home. Although there are many things you can do with paper towel or toilet paper rolls, we decided to show you how to make snowflakes for your classroom!

photo 4 (5)


paper towel or toilet paper rolls



paint brushes

glue or paper clips

any other extra items (glitter)



Step One: Cut your rolls into about 3/4 an inch wide. After cutting, we had 13 pieces.

photo 1 (5)







Step Two: Paint and glitter your pieces.

Step Three: Glue or paper clip your pieces together around one central piece. There should be 6 points to the snowflake.

Step Four: Hang somewhere in your hallway or classroom with a paperclip!

photo 5 (2)

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