Veggie Pots


Spring calls for outdoor festivities and lots of plants. If you are looking into event planting or becoming a florist, this is a quick, unique, and easy way to decorate with plants for an event. The container is biodegradable so you can plant it directly into your garden afterwards.



Your choice of transplant

Your choice of vegetable for a container


Helpful Tips:

Size – Make sure you find a container that is larger than your transplant. It does not have to be extremely large, but have enough room for it to grow. If it is too small, you can kill the root system for your plant by attempting to make it fit. Therefore, so make sure your container is an appropriate size if you want the plant to continue to live afterwards. The bell pepper we used could have been a little larger, but for demonstration purposes it was adequate.

Light – Be sure to look at the type of light the plant needs. This is important for placement at the event and where it is planted afterwards, so the plant thrives.






Happy Planting from JMG!

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