Welcoming Rachel Grant

When seasons of life ebb and flow and positions in the Junior Master Gardener offices become empty, the program brings in fresh faces to fill these empty chairs. We are pleased to introduce Rachel Grant. Rachel is entering the program as the JMG Instructional Designer & Supporter. She comes in with the hope of helping JMG to continue to grow in an upward direction.

Rachel is a freshman at Texas A&M University beginning in the fall of 2016 and plans to major in Visualizations. Entering into the program, Rachel will help to develop, edit and add content to the curriculum.  Additionally, she will take feedback from teachers and staff as they use the program in order to improve and modify the courses they take.

She is originally from Long Beach, California but has most recently lived in College Station, Texas for the past 8 years. Rachel is a youth leader for seventh grade girls at her church, Grace Bible Church. She enjoys reading, crafting, hanging out with friends, being creative and attending church, bible studies and Breakaway on Tuesday nights. Rachel wants to become a graphic designer out of college and hopes to grow her talents with the JMG program.

Welcome to our team, Rachel!

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