6-Part Meal

Did know that all six of the basic plant parts are edible?

This doesn’t mean that you can go eat the leaves of a beautiful rose bush or munch on the roots of an old oak tree, but among all of the plants in the world, you can find each of the main plant parts that can be eaten.

On the left is a list of the five basic plant parts. Plan a meal that includes all of the basic plant parts and list that menu on a piece of paper. You can use some of these or many more examples that you find. Once you have decided on the fruits and vegetables that will make up your 6 Part Meal, plan purchase the ingredients on your family’s next trip to the grocery store and set the date you will plan for your family to enjoy a special and healthy 6 Part Meal.

Roots: carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, radishes
Stems: broccoli, asparagus, celery, potatoes (yes! Potatoes are actually considered a modified stem!)
Leaves: lettuce, cabbage, collard greens
Flowers: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts
Fruits: apples, oranges, olives, tomatoes
Seeds: peas, beans, wheat, corn, rice