What is your favorite fruit? Is it a banana, maybe it is an orange?

Have you every wondered how many miles the fruit you eat had to travel before it got to the grocery store?

Not all the fruits you buy at the store are grown in your town. Grocery stores have fruits and vegetables that are locally grown but also from other sides of the world! There are even some fruits and vegetables that are grown in more than one place but sold next to each other at the grocery store!

So how do you find out where your favorite fruit is grown?

Look at the label! The labels tell you where your favorite fruits were grown, you can also find these labels on vegetables too!

Do you think you could find another fruit that was grown in a different country? What about the same fruit grown in two different places?


  1. Print out the activity page HERE!
  2. Get a parent or guardian to take you to the grocery store!
  3. Find your Top 4 favorite fruits and see where they grow. You can look for your favorite vegetables too!
  4. Draw a picture ofthe fruit on your activity page and label each fruit.

See how many different locations you can find that any of your top 4 fruits are grown!