Just like us, animals needs a place to call home. Can you think of what you need to call a place home? It could be your bed or your pet, maybe your sister or brother and mom and dad? How about food, and water too? There so many things it could be! It is said that there are 4 basic things all living organisms need to call any place home! So what are they?

1. Food Most all living things on earth must eat to live! That includes our favorite animals!

2. Shelter What if you had no place to go when it started to rain, what would you do? Even though animals live outside, they need a place to keep them dry and warm too! Think about where your favorite animals would find shelter, here are some examples!

3. Water Almost 75% of the earth is covered in water, every living thing needs water to stay alive. Plants and animals drink water just like us!. Some animals just like to take a swim!

4. Space and Air Now don’t you think it would be hard to have all your family living in one room? Just like a package tells you to plant seeds a certain length apart, everyone needs their own space! We also all need air to breathe! If you don’t have enough space to move around you probably do not have enough air either!

Can you think of the best habitat for your favorite animal? Do you think he/she needs all of these things just like other animals?

Click on the activity page to help your favorite animal find the right home!