Have you ever noticed that farmers always grow their vegetables in rows? Do you know why they do this?

Growing in rows in a a technique that has been used for a very long time.greenshovel Not only can it keep your plants sorted by kind, it also provides them with space to grow and better access to water and the harvesting equipment!

On large farms, tractors must be able to pull machines through the fields
to harvest the crops, the equipment is built to work with crop that are planted in rows!

Creating raised rows, just like a raised vegetable bed prevents damage to roots. When you are harvesting your vegetables, being able to step between plants without causing damage to other plants is very important!

KID ZONE ACTIVITY: To create raised rows, you must build up the soil to created the raised effect just like you see in the picture!

Lets practice! You can practice creating raised rows with real soil if you go outside! If you don’t have soil you can make raised rows on your counter top with flour! All you have to do is practice building the soil or flour up intro rows! Be sure there is the same spacing in between rows!

It is that easy! Raised rows can even be done in raised gardens as well!

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