Has someone in your family ever given you something that used to be your mom and dads when they were little? This is called passing it down through a generation.

Plants can also be passed down through generations, this is the case with many fruit trees. Often times fruits trees have to be many years old before they will bare fruit you can eat so they are around for many years!

This Fig tree on the right side of the picture (below) is a good example of a a fruit tree that has lived throughout generations!

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This house belonged to Clara Mae Doran (pictured above), she is the Great Grandmother of the Mrs. Lisa Whittlesey. Mrs. Whittlesey is the creator of the Junior Master Gardener program.

The house was built in the 1890’s and Mrs. Doran moved into the house in the 1940’s. During that 50 years the Fig tree was planted in the yard and has been there every since. Thats means that tree could almost be 100 years old! 

Mrs. Whittlesey remembers eating figs from it as a child, and she till does today!

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Recently the house had to be torn down, so using her Horticulture skills Mrs. Whittlesey got cuttings of the tree! She can now share the memories of the Fig Tree will all her family!

Using cuttings to grow new plants is a very common practice, not only to produce more plants but to keep plants growing for long periods of time!

Can you think of a plant that your mom or dad could pass down to you, or maybe share with the rest of your family?

All you need is a good place to grow plants and you can make new plants to pass down!

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Find a plant that you can practice your cutting skills and could regrow. All you need are some sheers, a pot to plant in, and some soil!

With permission from your school you could also take a cutting of your favorite plant or tree around the play ground.

See if your plant will grow,  and if they do don’t forget to share it with someone!