There are so many ways to grow fruit, you can grow them in gardens in your yard or pots on your front porch. Fruits grows on vines, trees, bushes, they even grow up the sides of walls. Finding a way to grow your fruit is important because sometimes you can’t put a garden in the ground or you don’t have enough room for a raised garden. What if you could grow your fruit from the ceiling?

Fruit like Strawberries can be grown while hanging, you can even purchase them in a hanging basket from the grocery store. This is a unique way to have a garden if you don’t have much space to plant your fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes can also be grown this way!

Not only have Strawberries been planted from the ceiling but also in rain gutters, pipes, and plastic bottles that are hung up or screwed to a wall. There are even Strawberry pots that are made especially for growing strawberries!

Can you think of any wacky ways to grow strawberries using things around your house, what about wacky ways to grow other fruits?

Activity: Choose 3 fruits. With the help of an adult research wacky ways to grow these fruits using house hold items!  Try one of these ideas out if you can, this is a great way to practice recycling! But don’t stop there, if you have trouble finding wacky ways to grow fruits, see if you can find ways to grow vegetables. Here are some suggestions for supplies:

  • Tires
  • Coffee cans
  • Cement blocks

Vegetables such as Tomatoes, Lettuce, and Herbs would work well!