What happens when someone stands in front of you that is taller than you? Are you able to see around them, maybe they block your view!

When planning a garden you must remember that some plants are going to grow much taller than others. If you plant corn it will grow very tall,  heads of lettuce however, don’t grow quite that much.

Choosing the arrangement of your vegetables in your garden is a huge part of the planning process. You must plant the rows of your garden so that the taller plants are at the back and the short and smaller plants are at this front.  We do this so they we know every plant will have a chance to get sunlight!

To begin you must figure out what vegetables you want!

We chose carrots, peas, tomatoes, lettuce, garlic, peppers, and potatoes for our garden!

Here is a better view of how tall each vegetable is when it growing in the ground!


Use what you have learned about the way the vegetables should be lined in the garden to draw a picture.

Start on the left side of your paper and draw the vegetables that would need to be in the front of the line. As you go towards the right side of your paper your vegetables plants should be getting taller!