As a partner of the Learn, Grow, Eat & Go!  project, Walk Across Texas is a model physical activity component featured within this curriculum.

Incorporating classroom activity breaks and increased physical activity at home and school can improve school performance and the overall health and wellness of children.  The “Go Strong” section includes fun activity breaks that will help to maximize the academic and physical benefits of students taking part in Learn, Grow, Eat & Go!

To fully maximize positive results for students participating in Learn, Grow, Eat & Go! it is encouraged that students participate in an active weekly walking/physical activity program.  Walk Across Texas (WAT) is a free, 8 week program that is designed to help students, schools and families establish the habit of regular physical activity. Support materials for the WAT program and information on how to register online can be found at the link on this page.

Additionally, there are listings of other state walking programs that could be utilized to get schools and families physically active!

Walk Across Texas Resources

Access resources below specifically supporting your Walk Across Texas project with your class, grade level or entire campus!

Teachers may send the Pre-event newsletter home first before walking begins. Then send one newsletter each week during Walk Across Texas. Send the Post-event newsletter home after walking is done.

•    Pre-event (English | Spanish)
•    Week 1 – Get Active! (English | Spanish)
•    Week 2 – Dress it Up! (English | Spanish)
•    Week 3 – Staying Safe (English | Spanish)
•    Week 4 – Tackle the Heat! (English | Spanish)
•    Week 5 – Family Food Time (English | Spanish)
•    Week 6 – Out and About (English | Spanish)
•    Week 7 – Family Fun Time (English | Spanish)
•    Week 8 – Keep on Moving! (English | Spanish)
•    Post-event (English | Spanish)

Includes all the resources needed to lead a WAT program at your school!

To access a host of other resources including the mileage calculator,  planning/promotional materials and registration, jump to the Walk Across Texas Website!