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Plant Growth and Development
Junior Master Gardener Online Curriculum & Teacher Training

This new, self-directed and engaging training course for teachers, volunteers and Extension serves as a dynamic professional development opportunity for as well as a new, multimedia curricular option for the Plant Growth and Development chapter from the JMG Level One (Grades 3-5) Teacher Guide.

The course includes: 7 content area modules:
– Importance and Uses of Plants
– Plant Classification
– Plant Parts
– Plant Needs
– Plant Growth
– Plant Processes
– Propagation

Each module includes:

Each of the 7 content modules include a brief “Sharpening Science” component to provide the teacher/leader with horticultural background information.

Each of the 7 content modules include a featured “Classroom Lesson” to show lesson being modeled by teacher in a public school classroom.

Each of the 7 content modules includes a “Bonus Learning Experiences” AV resource such as educational songs, instructional animations, additional popular lessons.

Course Screenshots:

[us_testimonial style=”4″ author=”Shelley Mitchell, Ph.D.” company=”Asst. Extension Specialist, Youth Programs OSU Dept of Horticulture”]I think watching the lessons and seeing how simple they are will help teachers get more enthusiastic about using the program.[/us_testimonial]

Those completing this course will be equipped to teach fun, effective lessons from each module/content areas and lead students to earn their Junior Master Gardener certification in Plant Growth & Development.

A JMG Professional Development Certificate documenting completion of 2.5 hours of training would be available at the conclusion of the course.

For more info:

For more information, contact Randy Seagraves, Junior Master Gardener Curriculum Director & Extension Program Specialist at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension at