Name The Missing Nutrient

Name The Missing Nutrient

Just like you plants need many different nutrients to live and grow. You get those nutrients from the food you eat and plants primarily get their nutrients from the soil they are growing in.

The table below list several nutrients that are needed by plants. It also shows the symptoms the plants will have if they are missing those nutrients:


Some Symptoms

Nitrogen (N) Yellowing of leaves
Phosphorus (P) Loss of lower leaves
Potassium (K) Brown edges or spots on leaves
Magnesium (Mg) Yellowing of leaf edges
Calcium (Ca) Rot on ends of fruits
Iron (Fe) Yellow leaves with dark green viens

Test Your Knowledge

Number a sheet of paper 1 – 5. Click on the plants below that have a mystery nutrient deficiency and see if you can guess what the problem may be. Use the symptom list above to help you and then write your answers on your page.

How Well Did You Do?

#1 The plant is missing Potassium (K)
#2 The plant is missing Nitrogen (N)
#3 The plant is missing Magnesium (Mg)
#4 The plant is missing Iron (Fe)
#5 The plant is missing Calcium (Ca)