Pretty Peculiar Planter

Create A Pretty Peculiar Planter

Think of an unusual place you could have a plant grow and try to sprout a new plant(you could use pinto bean seeds or anything else you can find) or even better transplant another plant to that new container. For the plant to be able to live and thrive in its new container, you’ll need to make sure that the basic needs will be met.

Your Peculiar Planter will have to allow:
  • Enough space for the plant and its roots to grow.
  • Plenty of moisture to get to the plants roots.
  • A way that water can drain way from the roots.
  • Enough light to get to the leaves of the plant.
  • Circulation of fresh air for the plant. (An exception to this need is if you will be creating an enclosed terrarium type of container for your plant. In this case, just be sure that the plant is not in direct sunlight or heat build up in the container could kill your plant.)

Be creative and try to find the most peculiar place to provide for your plants needs. Its best to use potting soil when you plant your plant. Share your Peculiar Planter with at least one other person and describe the plant needs that are being met even thought the container may be unusual.

Send us a picture of your Peculiar Planter!

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