JMG Habitat Home Kitchen Garden Project

JMG Habitat Home Kitchen Garden service & partership overview: The mission of the National Junior Master Gardener Program is “GROWING GOOD KIDS by igniting a passion for learning, success, and service.”  Local  Junior Master Gardener classes and groups  have a great deal of fun working & learning together.  Now these hard-working and service-oriented JMG youths propose have a new way to give back to their community in a new and very special partnership. Research shows that Americans’ diets, particularly those of low-income households, fall short of recommendations in the quantity of fruits and vegetables consumed. The long term health impact of diets lacking nutrition is significant. Some primary reasons why people do not choose to include more fruits/vegetable with meals include lack of availability, cost, personal preference, or a lack of understanding of our nutritional needs. This JMG Habitat Home Kitchen Garden project seeks to address these factors and improve the diets of one family at a time through installation of accessible and sustainable nutrient-dense vegetable gardens. Research also shows that if a child has the experience of growing something in the garden, they are more likely to eat it and adopt it into their diet. The easy-to-manage 4’X8’ kitchen garden beds would be installed, with the help of homeowners, at completion of local Habitat builds If you adopt this project, your JMG class or group would have the resources to plan the garden work day, solicit support & gather supplies, coordinate youths/volunteers to install garden with homeowners. Your kids would also be able to provide info and teach homeowners how to maintain and harvest from their garden. Use the resources in the JMG Habitat Home Kitchen Garden Project Kit to host this meaningful and high-impact service learning event for your kids and community! fall kitchen garden supply check list:

3       untreated pine board, 2’X8’ 1       box wood screws, 3” 10     bags garden soil, 3 cu.ft. 1       shovel 1       rake 1       garden hose, 50” 1       spray nozzle   plant material needed:

4       broccoli transplants 4       cauliflower transplants 2       green onions, sets 4       carrot seed packets 4       radish seed packets 3       spinach seed packets 3       leaf lettuce seed packets 2       kale seed packets 2       bok choy seed packets 2       radish seed packets 2       swiss chard seed packets