2014 Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! Pilot

Thank you for taking part the 2014 Fall Pilot of the Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! curriculum! In an academically-rich and integrated way, this new curriculum project of the Junior Master Gardener® program will guide you and your students to a better understanding of plants and garden science, Learn, Grow, Eat & GO!  can motivate your students to a better understanding foods and physical activities that cultivate their minds and and strengthen their bodies. It will also guide your class have a successful experience creating & caring for a rich garden environment that will provide a successful harvest with this season’s nutrient-dense vegetables!

Click on links below to overview Learn, Grow, Eat & Go! curriculum, quickly touch on each lesson, hear details of the integrations with STAAR supporting/readiness standards & learn benefits of and how to register in the Walk Across Texas program.

Fall 2014 Pilot Teacher Resources:

TEKS/STAAR Overview (doc)
TEKS/STAAR Correlations (doc)
Student Journal
Garden Kitchen Recipes:
   English / Spanish
Family Stories w/ Teacher Talking Points
  English / Spanish

[vc_testimonial author=”Lisa Whittlesey” company=”Junior Master Gardener Program Coordinator”]LGEG combines the interdisciplinary efforts of horticulture, nutrition, & health to address the health and wellness of children & families. It offers the unique opportunity for children to have hands on academic learning, grow and taste garden fresh vegetables, and encourages growing strong through physical activity. [/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial author=”Jayla Fry” company=”Texas Master Gardener State Coordinator & Extension Program Specialist”]The success of sustainable programming is truly a reflection of the commitment of our volunteers.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial author=”Jon Perot, MPA” company=”Program Coordinator, Better Living for Texans”]The LGEG curriculum compliments BLT very well… SNAP Ed guides now allow BLT more flexibility in teaching nutrition through gardening.[/vc_testimonial]

TEACHERS: See read-alouds posted by fans to preview some titles featured in the Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! curriculum:

  TOPS & BOTTOMS by Janet Stevens

    Other available read-alouds: