Introducing Sight


What is that color? Why is sight important?


The ability to see allows us to recognize flavors, touch, and smells and associate them with specific people, places, or objects.

To see we use our eyes. The eye is a complex structure with many components. Transparent lens (middle of our eyes) focus light on the retina (the back of our eyes). The retina is covered with two types of light sensitive cells (photoreceptors) called rods and cones. Rods determine scotopic vision or where something is light or dark. There are green, red, and blue cones; all of these cones aid in determining color.

eye details

Color Terms

Primary Colors – Red, Yellow, Blue

Secondary Colors – Orange (red+yellow), Green (yellow+blue), Violet (blue+red)

Tertiary Colors – Red/Orange, Red/Violet, Yellow/Green, Yellow/Orange, Blue/Green, Blue/Violet

Monochromatic – All one color (example – just red)

Analogous – Colors Adjacent to each other (example – red & orange)


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