Jar Lid Pumpkin Magnets

Do you have any mason jar lids lying around with no purpose?   If so, use them to make pumpkin magnets to spruce up your fridge this fall!


Tissue paper or paint


Brown paint for sticks


Hot glue

Mason jar lids

Paint brush (if using tissue paper)


Rip the tissue paper into smaller pieces.

Use the water & glue or your paint (if you want to paint them orange instead) to coat the surface of the lid.

Put the tissue paper on the lid and modge podge some more paper to the lid with the water and glue mixture. Continue painting if you are painting instead of using tissue paper.

Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 lids and let dry

Glue one lid with 1/4 of the lid sticking out from behind the top lid & repeat with the 3rd lid.

Glue your stick to an appropriate length above the pumpkin.

Glue your magnet on the back of your stick.

Happy fall from JMG!

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