There are so many insects in the world, and they are all around us. Insects are a very different kind of species and often get confused with other arthropods. Arthropods are a category of animal that consist of Spiders, Insects, Crustacean – such as lobsters, and others.

So what makes insects different from other Arthropods?


The first difference between insects and other arthropods is how many body segments they have, insects body are divided into 3 segments.

These segments include the Head, Thorax, and Abdomen!


The second difference is that most insects have a pair of antennae! Antennae help insects smell and see so they can get around. They are also used to communicate with other insects.


Insects also have 3 pairs of legs, unlike spiders who have 4 pairs of legs!


Insects who have completed metamorphosis often have wings, although there are a few insects that don’t have wings. If you find a bug that does have wings, it is most likely and insect!

Now it’s your turn!