When you take a walk around your neighborhood have you ever seen trash on the ground or blowing in the streets?

Maybe it got there by accident or maybe someone threw it there on purpose, this is called littering. Littering is a type of pollution that occurs when someone throws trash away in places it does not go!

Most of the time people do not realize the affects that pollution has on the world. In the United States it is against the rules to litter.

There are three main forms of pollution: air, water, and land.

The air gets polluted by factories and cars.

The water gets polluted by toxic waste and trash.

Land gets polluted by trash and chemicals being soaked into the soil.

We must always take steps to prevent more pollution because it also affects all the plants, water, and animals too.

So how can you help with pollution?


Go outside and collect 5 pieces of trash you see in your yard, around your neighborhood or your school and throw them away in the proper place!

Be sure to wear gloves in you need to, and wash your hands afterwards! If you would like to collect more trash, do so!