Wind Erosion

You’ve heard wind blowing can cause soil erosion… but is it really that big of a deal?

During the mid 1930’s wind caused devestating soil erosion. It was called the Dust Bowl.

Imagine a great wind picking up a great amount of soil.
1.____________ Describe what it looks like.

The soil that is picked up by the wind is dropped in other places. How much of soil might be dropped in another place?

2.____________ Guess how many inches of soil was dropped around this old car!

More modern wind erosion

Is wind erosion visible from space?
3.____________ Why is this cloud brown?

Imagine what wind eroding soil would look like if you were a plant!
4.____________ Describe what it looks like.

Soil lost to wind erosion is most serious in areas of the country that are flat and are prone to high winds.
5.____________ Find your location – are you in an area of major erosion?

Wind erosion physically removes the lighter organic matter, clays, and silts. These are the most fertile part of the soil. How can the problem be helped? See how people are slowing downt he problem!

wind breaks – planting a row of trees & shrubs to slow wind
against the wind – planting crops in rows perpendicular to wind flow
cover it up!  – using  mulch or plants to cover exposed soil