Wildlife Gardener Certification

Wildlife Gardener Certification

Certified Wildlife Gardenersm

A JMG Golden Ray Seriessm Certification

The Golden Ray Series is recognition offered to youth that complete a small part of the Level One JMG program. Groups can choose to focus on one chapter or topic.

The National Wildlife Federation and the JMG Program has joined forces to create an engaging experience for kids. As Wildlife Gardeners, children will learn about local wildlife and create garden habitats. Students can culminate their learning through community service by developing a NWF Certified Schoolyard Habitat.

LEVEL 1 Curriculum

Through 41 unique activities elementary students will enjoy hands-on learning of 8 different concepts including: birds, mammals, insects, habitats, and even life skills and career explorations.

1. enjoy fun activities and learn interesting facts while experiencing the joy of gardening.
2. be able to strengthen leadership skills through prompted service learning opportunities.
3. become certified Junior Master Gardeners

Requirements for certification as a Wildlife Gardener

  • Belong to a registered JMG group.
  • Complete any combination of 12 activities from the first seven teaching concepts.
  • Complete one life skill/career exploration activity from the last teaching concept.
  • Participate in one community service project.

Once these certificate requirements are completed, simply return the JMG completion form. Our office will send a personalized certificate for each student completing the certification requirements.