Adding a garden to space can really liven up the area. It is important that designers pay attention to many aspects of designing a landscape.

One of most important aspect of a design is where the sun shines the most in the yard The reason is that some plants can grow in direct sunlight and some plants grow better in the shade. Plants that need direct sunlight should be planted on the South side of a house, while shade plants should be planted on the North side a house!

So how do we know which way is North and which way is South?

We can find North and South by using a compass!

A compass is a great tool used to find the different directions, but what if you don’t have a compass?

Don’t fear,there is a way to find North and South without the use of a compass! All you need is two rocks and a long stick!

This is an outside activity. Read all directions before going outside.


  • Outdoor area, clear of trees
  • Long, straight stick
  • 2 rocks
  • Timer
  • Sunlight

Place your stick in the ground. Be sure your stick is long enough to cast a good shadow.

Once you find the shadow of your stick, place a rock at the end!

Wait 15-20.

Watch as the shadow of the stick moves away from the rock. After the time is up, place the second rock at the end of the new shadow!

You have now created the points of West  on the left and East on the right!

Find the center between the two rocks, you can do this by drawing a line that connects the two rocks! This is North!

If you turn directly behind you, you will have found South!

Repeat Steps 1-3 to see if you get the same direction for North and South more than once!

Once you know which way is South in your yard, you can help your parents plan a new garden or you can relocate some old plants to get better light!